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Here’s a look at what you can expect from Majime’s training:


The Financial Flexibility Course 

This course is the backbone of the membership.

Hit play” and see how the road map will guide you step by step.

The Ultimate Life Course

Align your values, live the life you want.

With this course you’ll learn how to define the life you want and how to take your vision and begin turning it into reality, today. 

This course alone has changed student’s lives, but when coupled with the 7-Stage Financial Flexibility Roadmap, your life will align itself with the life you want.  So if you’re looking for the whole enchilada of life mastery, Majime is for you.

You don't know how much your life planning course helped me! It's like everything moved forward at rocket speed! Warp speed! This is a course everyone should take!

Janet T.

What Others Have Said:

Majime is powerful. The 5 Yr Cash Planner alone changed my life. After putting mine together, it was clear what decisions to make for the lifestyle I wanted. I'd recommend this course to any one serious about living their best life.

Alex @ Hair Craft Co.

I have always been able to make changes in my life, but struggled trying to see how the future would react. This is what truly helped me.

Following the what we layed out, I have been able to confidently make changes to improve many aspects of my life. As a result, Majime has kept me on track and has provided sound suggestions on how to arrive at the correct decision to achieve my goals.

Danny H.

This program is fantastic! You don't just learn or talk about a bunch of stuff, you know exactly what action to take next, and it makes you know what ever want is achievable.

Phyllis E.

The Life Course is an activity that every human being should go through. It is well thought out and, gave me a firm grasp on where I want my future to head.

Something that impressed me is the practical value that I got out of it. The 5 year plan will probably change my life, no joke.

The potential to improve people’s lives is very high, and it excites me that you are building this community.

Matthew M.

Open your mind to what is, or could be possible, and then bring that to actions you can take right now to make them a reality. Combine that with the motivation and momentum of taking those actions, and you have what Majime delivers... A path to whatever life you want.

John G.

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